For over forty years, I have been writing meditations on what it means to live the Christian life. Many of these were written in harmony with the seasons of the Church calendar, particularly in my case, with the calendar of the Episcopal Church. Many appeared for the first time in church newsletters as the opening meditation or reflection on a seasonal theme.

My earliest, more stylized, reflections were written for the parish newsletter in Ladue, Missouri. These reflections were never about announcing parish events, but rather were meditations that focused primarily on spiritual themes as they related to the everyday life of those in the parish. Whatever I wrote had to fit on the front page of the bulletin with room for a signature at the bottom and the masthead at the top. The space was small, so I had to be very selective with the wording and sharply focused on a theme. In later years, when I had more room to write in parish newsletters, the meditations became a bit more expansive. I nonetheless learned my lessons from those early days of writing.

For a while now, I have been wanting to share these reflections, many of which have not seen daylight since the early 1980s, with the wider public. A blogsite makes this possible. I hope that what you read here will helpful to you in your life.

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